of Kindergarten

·Attendance- Important to try to be here every day unless they are ill. Report absences by calling 4664831 ext 145. Send in a note when your child returns to school.
·Art Monday,  We will also do painting and other craft projects in class.
·Bookbag- Send in bookbag each day.
·Birthdays- We will celebrate birthdays in class. You are welcome to send in treats to share with the class ( 21# of students).
·Conferences- Fall/Spring conferences, will send home a schedule when the time approaches.
·Calendar- Please refer to your calendar for FRIDAY schedule.
·Dismissal- Regular dismissal is 3:10. If you need to pick up your child early, please send in a note, stop at the office and Mrs. Richey will call for your child.
·Email-Feel free to contact me at my email address. I usually check this before and after school.

·Emergency- please make sure that emergency forms and phone numbers are kept updated with current information.

·Folders- Use folder every day to send papers/notes back and forth from home to school.
·Gym is Monday for M/W, Thursday for T/Th. Students will need sneakers on these days. And would be best if worn to school, no jewelry.       Students will have gym on the Fridays that they are here.
·Homework will be due on the next day your child is in school. Please try to read nightly to your child.
·Illness- If student is running a fever please keep them at home. If they become ill at school I will have them go to the office and Mrs. Richey will contact you.
·Journals- We will begin journal writing sometime mid-year.
·JOIN- Don’t forget to join the Cork PTO. Parent participation is important and valued.
·Knowledge- Everything your child learns will NOT always come home on paper. Much of Kindergarten is hands-on experience.
·Lunches- $2.50,   $0.50 for milk only. You can pre-pay. Put money in an envelope with student name.
·Lost & Found- Put names on personal items, jackets, sweatshirts, lunchboxes etc.
·Music-Your child will have music class on Thursday. We will also sing many songs in class!

·Name- Please encourage your child to write their name with the first letter capitalized and the rest in lower case.
·Notes- should have students name and date. Please have student give them to me then I will send them to the office.

·Parties- There are 3 regular scheduled school parties; the Fall Harvest party, the Winter Holiday party, and the Valentine’s Day party. Please see the sign up sheet if you are interested in helping out.
·Printing- Refer to alphabet paper. I encourage students to hold their pencils correctly and to practice correct printing strokes.

·Questions- If you have any questions please call me at school, send in a note, or email me.
·Recess- We go outside almost every day. Please dress your child warmly. (they can always unzip or take the jacket off)
·Report Cards- Report cards are sent home every nine weeks. Report cards will look at skills that we have been working on in class.
·Snacks- healthy snacks enough for 21 students, Things like granola bars, pretzels, graham crackers. The M-W class has a student with a tree nut allergy. Please look at labels and try to be conscientious when buying snacks.
·Science & Social Studies- these courses will be incorporated into our daily routines and classwork.
·Tissues- Please send in 1 box
·Tie Shoes- Continue to practicing to learn how to tie own shoes
·Toys- Keep toys at home so they don’t become lost or broken. I will send a note home if students are to bring in something special.
·Understanding- It is important to understand that all Kindergarten students develop at their own pace. Activities are planned throughout the day to challenge each child at his/her own level.
·Volunteers- If you would like to volunteer in the classroom, please sign-up and I will contact you after the year has gotten underway.
·Writing- Encourage any writing your child wants to do. Have them spell as best as they can.
·Our days are long. Please make sure your child gets enough sleep each night
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