Apple Day

Apple day was a lot of fun. We measured our apples and we were able to see who had the biggest apple.
   We graphed our apples by color. Many of us liked the yellow apples the best.
We listened to several stories about apples. Some were make believe stories, like the one about the bears making apple pie, and some stories were true stories, like the one about how apples grow.
We listened to a special story about a boy looking for a little red house with no windows, no doors and a star inside. We later found out that the mother was giving the boy a riddle about an apple. We cut the apple across the middle and found a star inside.
   We also made   APPLESAUCE. We each had a chance to cut our own apple on a special cutter that cored and skinned the apple. It was hard work turning the crank but it was worth it. We added all of our apples, some water and a "secret" ingredient. The special ingredient made our applesauce pink and a little spicy.
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