Campbell's Labels for Education

Campbell's Labels for Education
Help Austinburg Elementary Earn Free Merchandise!
Campbell's Labels For Education Program Awards Free Educational Equipment

Dear Parents:

Welcome back to school! The Labels for Education program is a great way to get FREE merchandise for our school and it’s even better this year. Campbell’s has made it easier for Austinburg Elementary School to reach our collection goals with over 150 products now worth 5 points! Also, the new collection process makes it even easier to redeem merchandise. Visit for details.

To meet our goals, we need to collect 15,000 points. With your help, the Austinburg Elementary School can make this year the best ever!

Participating in the program is easy — simply save proofs of purchase from participating Campbell products and send them to our school. Some of the products eligible for redemption in the program include:

*Campbell's® soups 
*Campbell's™ or Franco-American® SpaghettiOs® pasta 
*Campbell's® beans, gravies, and canned pasta 
*Prego® pasta sauces 
*Swanson® broths and canned poultry 
*Campbell's® tomato juice 
*Pepperidge Farm® breads, cookies, crackers, and frozen products 
*Campbell's® Foodservice products 

The following products are now worth 5 points!
Campbell’s® Condensed 10 oz. to 11oz. Soups (Specially marked packages only) 
Campbell’s® Chunky™ Soups (bowls) 
Campbell’s® Chunky™ Chili (bowls) 
Campbell’s® Soup At Hand® 
Campbell’s® Supper Bakes® 
Campbell’s® Select Soups (bowls) 
Pepperidge Farm® Goldfish® Crackers (bag, box or carton) 
V8 Splash® juice drinks (all varieties) 
V8 Splash® smoothies 
SpaghettiOs® Original (15oz.) 
SpaghettiOs® Meatballs (15oz.), specially marked packages only

for a complete list of products and point values.
Visit  for complete directions on how to clip proofs of purchase.
Help multiply our efforts by asking your friends and family to collect proofs of purchase on behalf of our school. Community members can pledge their support by making a Community Pledge at . Simply invite friends and family to visit the website, and click into the "Community Pledge" link. Here they can make a voluntary pledge to help our school reach our collection goals.

If you have any questions, or would like to help with our Labels for Education collection drive, please contact our program coordinator, Cindy Drought, at 440-466-4831, ext. 169 . Don't forget to visit for a complete list of participating products and more information about the program.

Thanks so much for your support. Together with Campbell's Labels for Education — we can build a better school for our children.


Cindy Drought


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