Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Learning Targets


Chapter 11.1

·        I can identify frames of reference and describe how they are used to measure motion

·        I can identify appropriate SI units for measuring distances

·        I can distinguish between distance and displacement

·        I can calculate displacement using vector addition


Chapter 11.2

·        I can identify appropriate SI units for measuring speed

·        I can compare and contrast average speed and instantaneous speed

·        I can interpret distance-time graphs

·        I can calculate the speed of an object using slopes

·        I can describe how velocities combine


Chapter 11.3

·        I can identify changes in motion that produce acceleration

·        I can describe examples of constant acceleration

·        I can calculate the acceleration of an object

·        I can interpret speed-time and distance-time graphs

·        I can classify acceleration as positive or negative

·        I can describe instantaneous acceleration

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