Chapter 15

Chapter 15 Learning targets


15.1 Energy and its forms

   ·      I can describe the relationship between work and energy   
   ·      I can relate kinetic energy to mass and speed and calculate these quantities
   ·      I can analyze how potential energy is related to an object’s position and give examples of gravitational and elastic potential energy
   ·      I can solve equations that relate an object’s gravitational potential energy to its mass and height
   ·      I can give examples of the major forms of energy and explain how each is produced 


Energy conversion and conservation15.2

      ·      I can describe conversions of energy from one form to another
      ·      I can state and apply the law of conservation of energy
      ·      I can analyze how energy is conserved in conversions between kinetic and potential energy and solve equations that equate initial energy to final energy
   ·      I can describe the relationship between energy and mass and calculate how much energy is equivalent to a given mass



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