Chapter 23

Learning targets

Chapter 23 learning targets by section


23.1   Fresh water pg 704-708

                I can describe the processes that make up the water cycle.

            I can identify the sources of fresh water on Earth

23.2   Weathering and mass movement pg 709-712

                I can describe the processes by which erosion wears down and carries away rock.

I can distinguish between chemical and mechanical weathering and describe the factors that affect the rate of weathering.

I can explain how the force of gravity contributes to erosion by mass movement.

23.3   Water shapes the land pg 713-717

                I can explain how running water erodes the land.

            I can identify features formed by erosion and deposition due to running water.

            I can describe how caves and sinkholes are formed by groundwater erosion.

23.4   Glaciers and wind pg 719-724

I can describe the formation and movement of glaciers and identify features formed by glacial erosion and deposition.

I can explain the mechanisms and effects of wind erosion and deposition.

23.5   The restless oceans pg 725 -729

                I can explain how the properties of ocean water change with depth.

            I can distinguish between surface currents, deep currents, and upwelling.

            I can explain the processes by which waves and currents cause erosion and deposition.

23.6   Earth’s history pg 732-738

                I can distinguish between the relative and absolute dating of rocks.

I can describe the geologic time scale and what happened during the major divisions of geologic time.  

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