Chapter 3 Learning Targets


Chapter 3.1

·        I can describe the 5 states of matter

·        I can classify materials as solids liquids or gases

·        I  can draw a diagram and describe the alignment of molecules in solids liquids and gases

·        I can explain the behavior of gases, liquids and solids, using kinetic theory.


Chapter 3.2

·        I can define pressure and gas pressure

·        I can identify factors that affect gas pressure

·        I can predict changes in gas pressure due to changes in temperature, volume, and number of particles

·        I can explain Charles’s law, Boyle’s law and the combined gas law.

·        I can apply laws to solve problems involving gases.

Chapter 3.3

·        I can describe Phase change

·        I can explain how temperature can be used to recognize a phase change.

·        I can explain what happens to the motion, arrangement, and average kinetic energy of water molecules during phase changes.

·        I can describe each of the six phase changes.

·        I can identify phase changes as endothermic or exothermic. 


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