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My name is Mr. Shymske and I teach 9th Grade World History and 10th Grade American History here at Geneva High School.  I intend to place most assignments and assignment due dates on this webpage.  Please check this webpage often in order to keep up with your child's weekly/daily progress.  Below in red is a link titled Weekly assignments.  When you click on this link you will see charts with the weekly assignments for all classes.  Please check these charts often as I will update them frequently.

Also, to the right there are downloads for all classes.  These are the assignments that I give in class.  If your child is missing an assignment, you can simply click on the download to the right and print the assignment.

 If you need to contact me please message me through the Parent Assist Module or via e-mail.  My email address is below.  Or call me at (440) 466-4831  ext. 4101


Weekly Assignments

Daily Jump Start

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Final Grade Calculator

Most recent materials will appear at bottom of the page.

Rules Sheet 2019-2020

Checks and Balances Chart

Bridging the Gap

World History Ch 1

U.S. History Ch 19

World History Ch 5

U.S. History Ch 20

World History Ch 6

U.S. History Ch 21

World History Ch 7+8+9

U.S. History Ch 22

U.S. History Ch 23

Mid Term Reviews

World History Map Quiz

U.S. History Ch 24

World History Ch 10

World History Ch 11

U.S. History Ch 25

World History Ch 12

U.S. History Ch 26

World History Russian Revolution

U.S. History Ch 27

9th Grade WWII

U.S. History Ch 28

World History Ch 15

U.S. History Ch 29

9th Grade Tests

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