Important Classroom News or Announcements

*When your child is absent, please send a note with your child stating the day and reason of the absence upon their return.

*If your child's dismissal procedure needs to be changed, a note must be received to verify the change.  Students that do not bring a note will be sent home their normal way.  This procedure is done for the safety of your child.

*Each morning, your child is to write down their homework from the board in their assignment binder.  They are to bring the binder to me and I will initial the assignment page.  This is done to help keep the children organized and the parents informed of their child's work.

*Graded papers and papers from the office are given to your child on a daily basis.  Each child has their own "mailbox" and should check it daily.

*Students are encouraged to correct papers to receive a better grade and to learn from their mistakes.  Corrections may be done on any graded paper receiving a C or lower grade.  Additional guidelines can be viewed in the Downloads section of the webpage by clicking on Correcting Papers.  Students were given a copy of this paper as well to bring home.

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