Mr. Jones

My name is Roy Jones and I am the School Counselor for the Geneva  Elementary Schools.  It is my priviledge to offer assistance to any student in the school for the purpose of helping them reach their full potential academically, emotionally and socially.  Below is a list of the services I offer and how you can access them.

Individual Counseling

I am available to assist students with a variety of educational and personal concerns. The purpose of this service is to help the student resolve or deal with concerns that affect their school performance.


The counselor can help students:

·         To identify, clarify and deal with their personal concerns

·         To make appropriate plans of action or clarify choices

·         To develop organization or other skills needed for success

How do we get started ???


1.     A student can request to see the counselor by asking their teacher or the counselor directly. Parents will be notified when the child is working with the counselor if they see him more than two times concerning any single issue.


2.     A parent can request that the counselor work with their child by contacting the counselor or classroom teacher via note, phone call, e-mail or in person.


3.     A teacher can request that the counselor see a student by submitting a referral form. In this event, the teacher or counselor will notify the parent if the student is seen by the counselor more than two times concerning any single issue.

Counselor Consultation


Helping each child develop to their fullest potential is only possible when we all work together. For this reason, the counselor consults with parents and teachers to help plan appropriate activities and services for each student.


These consultations can be in the form of:


·         Parent/Teacher/Counselor conferences

·         Phone conferences

·         Private one-on-one conferences


Often these conferences are scheduled directly before or after school or during the school day. However, they can be scheduled at your convenience.


How can I schedule a conference???


1.    Contact the teacher or school office.

2.    Contact the counselor directly.

(by phone, letter, E-mail or in person)

Referral Services


The counselor often serves as a resource for information about public and private programs and services available to families or students through outside agencies.


Referrals include:


·         Private and public counseling services

·         Community or governmental agencies and services

·         Special issues and needs groups

·         (chemical dependency, loss/grief, anger, add/adhd, emotional functioning, parent support, etc.)

·         Professional organizations and businesses


Anyone interested in or in need of this information should contact the school counselor.

Counseling Schedule

Austinburg -Thursday
Cork - Tuesday
GPS - Monday/Wednesday/Friday

Contact Information
phone:  466-4831, Ext. 3009
Counselor Referral Forms

Below are printable Counselor Referral Forms that you may use if you have a student that you would like to have me work with.  Select the appropriate form, print it out and send it to the school-Att: Mr. Jones
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