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Integrated Science 9     2017-2018

Mrs. Turk                        

School phone: 440-466-4831 ext.4302              


Welcome to Integrated Science 9 ! I hope you are as excited about this class as I am! To ensure that we have a great semester, I need to make sure that we are all on the same page. This course description outlines the general expectations for this class. Keep it as a reference - you are responsible for the information. In Forensic Science we will follow the same procedures except the curriculum is different. 


In Int. Sci. 9 we will cover physical science - Matter, Energy and Waves, Forces and Motion, and the Universe. The best way to learn science, is to do science. So that’s what we’ll do! This course will draw information from a number of resources. You will also be creating your own resource - your science binder. All students are required to maintain a science binder with dividers.                

Classroom Policies:

  1. Be respectful to everyone and their property.
  2. Come to class prepared every day - writing utensil & science binder
  3. Be in your seat and ready to start bell work by the time the bell rings. School tardy policies apply.
  4. Do not sleep in class.
  5. No cell phones for any reason. Never. Repeat – Never ever. Seriously, don’t take them out in class.
  6. Obey all school rules
  7. There will be a “jumpstart” activity (bellwork) as soon as class starts. Check the board for the assignment and get to work as soon as possible. (This should be kept in your binder)

Class Supplies:                       

  • 3 ring binder (with lined paper)
  • dividers - bellwork, lab handouts, notes, homework, tests/quizzes
  • writing utensils


***All worksheets and most notes will be provided for students to complete and KEEP in their binders.***


Grading: Grades will be based on a point scale (no weighted grades) & this course will follow the School’s Grading Policy (see Handbook)

  • Assessments (exams, quizzes etc.)
  • Classwork (labs, worksheets, articles etc.)
  • Homework (assignments, projects)

Extra Credit:

Students may or may not be given opportunities to receive extra credit.

Many times I offer students to redo work for half credit! Students will know ahead of time if they have this option.

Grades will be updated weekly!

Assignments will be listed daily on the calendar in the classroom and on the class website.                                                

KEEP ALL WORK. Bring it to class every day in your binder.                  

Throughout the grading period, I will check in with students to assess progress individually and to provide support.               

Late Assignments:

Students are responsible for making up any work after an absence. You have one day for each day missed, to make up any assignments. It is the STUDENT’S responsibility to find out what work they missed!                

Academic Honesty:

Any students copying work, allowing work to be copied, or plagiarized work will have to call their parent(s) and will earn zero points for that work.                

Need extra help?

Or just a quiet place to work? Just ask! I am available to help before or after school and during my off period.


Parents and Students – Communication is the best tool we have! I encourage you to contact me anytime!        


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