Sensory Room

Sensory Room 
There are two purposes for using the sensory room. The first is to calm your mind and body. The second is to awaken your mind and body.

Why would you want to calm your mind and body?
   Sometimes I come to school with too many things on my mind. I might be thinking about video games or playing with my friends. When I feel this way I can do some strategies to calm myself down. When I’m calm than I am able to focus on school work and have a great day!

Why would you want to awaken your mind and body?
   Sometimes I’m sleepy and it’s hard to be alert and focus. All I want to do is lay down my head and not work. If I do some activities to waken myself up then I can do a great job at school and be focused.

   Each activity or strategy can create different outcomes for each person. For example jumping on a trampoline can calm one student while exciting another. Keeping a journal of how these activities or strategies affect a student is important. If you want your student to be calm then you will stay away from activities known to excite them.

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