GPS Staff

Bus Change
For the WEEK OF Jan 21 - 24:  There will be NO Bus # 34 (all week) - HS / MS and Austinburg students will be picked up and dropped off by Bus # 9 / #20 / #26.  There will be NO Bus # 12 (all week) - HS / MS and Cork students will be picked up and dropped off by Bus #4 / #16 /#22.  NO Bus # 22 ( Wed / Thurs ONLY)  Cork students will be transported by Bus #29. NO Bus #23 this afternoon (1/22) - GPS students will uses Bus #8/ #5 /#21.  Please watch for your bus especially in the mornings.  They may run 10-20 minutes early (and/or 15 -20 mins. late in the PM) as adjustments are made.  Please check back for any updates or call 466-1000.   

Staff LIsting

School Building

Principal                                 Mrs. Julie Gustin

Secretaries                             Mrs. Korn

                                                Mrs. Varckette


Kindergarten                         Ms. Pfouts

                                               Mrs. Sheppard 


First Grade                             Ms. Gurley

          Mrs. Myers

          Mrs. Warring


Second Grade                        Mrs. Bryan

          Mrs. Charo

          Mrs. Cinco

                                                                       Mrs. Earley

Third Grade                           Mrs. Dodd            

         Mrs. Nelson

         Mrs. Kirk

Fourth Grade                          Mr. Bryan

          Mr. Kopczak

          Mrs. Ramsey 


Fifth Grade                             Mrs. Allds

                                                Mrs. Berg

          Mrs. Stewart


Intervention Specialist          Mrs. Carraher

Intervention Specialist          Mrs. Crews

Intervention Specialist          Ms. Simmons

ESOL/ELL Tutor                    Mrs. Cramb

ED Unit                                   Mrs. Babyak

Speech                                   Mrs. Jablonski

Gym                                        Mr. Corlew

Art                                           Mrs. Simmons

Music                                      Mrs. Stowell

Title 1 Tutor/Intervention       Mrs. Markel

Title 1 Tutor/Intervention      Mrs. Kuhn

Title 1 Tutor                            Miss Trenn

Title 1 Tutor/Intervention      Mrs. Slowey                            

Nurse                                      Mrs. Newmeyer

Psychologist                          Ms. Stegh 

Special Needs Assistant      Mrs. Campbell

Special Needs Assistant      Mrs. Nicholes 

Housekeeper                         Ms. Cuccaro

Housekeeper                         Mr.  Knapp

Custodian                              Mrs. Kinney

Cafeteria Manager                 Mrs. Sulecki

Head Cook                             Mrs. Dudick

Cafeteria Cashier                  Ms. Grimmett

Cafeteria Monitor                  Ms. Goroncy

Cafeteria Cashier                  Mrs. Lechintan

Special Needs Assistant      Mrs. Brunsma

Special Needs Assistant      Mrs. Johnson

Special Needs Assistant      Ms. Robison 

Special Needs Assistant      Mrs. Rankin

Special Needs Assistant      Ms. Prouty

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