Robo-call for School Issue

Fri., April 12, 2019 - 12:40 pm
 Message sent to:  Geneva Middle School Parents  and Staff 
Attention Geneva Middle School Parents:  I am making you aware of an issue that occurred today at GMS.  
A single, live round of 9mm ammunition was found stuck to the bottom of a desk using a piece of gum.  It was found in one of the GMS classrooms.  

The Geneva Police Department was contacted, maintained a presence at the school and investigated.  All students in and around that classroom were questioned and some belongings were searched.  Nothing additional was found in the searches. We do not believe there is a threat and the GMS Staff and GPD will continue to monitor the building throughout the remainder of the day.  

Any updated information along with this message will be placed on the home page of the district website for your information. Thank you! 
**************UPDATE****** for situation above*****************
4/12/19 - After further investigation, the responsible student was found.  The single round of ammunition was found by the student, brought to school, shown to other students and then hidden.  The school administration and GPD will follow procedures in dealing with the incident.  We wanted to emphasize again, that this was an isolated incident and there were no other items discovered during the searches.  Thank you!


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