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IMPORTANT: Letter from the Superintendent regarding a recent incident at Geneva High School
 Please click the link to see a letter from the Superintendent on a recent safety concern at GHS
Robo-call placed  on Thursday, March 8th (10:55 am)  
Good Morning, this is Eric Kujala, Superintendent of Geneva Area City Schools - the date is Thursday, March 8th 
There was a verbal threat at Geneva High School made by a student that was overheard by other students late this morning. The student was removed and isolated at school and the Geneva Police were contacted immediately.  Student safety was not in jeopardy and all officials followed correct procedures.  The Geneva Police Department is handling the situation moving forward. Thank you!

Posted:  12:30 pm (2/19/18) prior to the automated call
An automated call was sent out at 1pm on February 19th to all district staff, parents and students.  The call contained the following information:
Good afternoon, this is Eric Kujala, Superintendent of the Geneva Area City Schools.  As many of you are aware, a threat was made by a student on Thursday, February 15th at Geneva High School.  The police and courts intervened and are handling the situation according to their procedures. 
We understand that parents are concerned about the safety of their child.  A letter was posted on the website under DISTRICT NEWS - Important Letter from the Superintendent.  We will continue to make sure your child is safe at school.  We do not anticipate any issues or problems but as an extra security measure, the Geneva Police Department and I have worked together to have additional officers present during the arrival and dismissal times.  We will also have an officer at Geneva High School during the day.  This is only precautionary for an added level of security.  
Thank you for your support and concern.  We will provide any updates on the website or through an additional robo call if necessary.  Thank you!  
ROBO-CALL Placed to GHS Students / Families and GHS Staff on 2/22/18   at 2:30 pm
Good afternoon, this is Eric Kujala, Superintendent of the Geneva Area City Schools.
Information was shared about a student walk-out on Friday, February 23rd at GHS.  This is not a sanctioned school event.  For the safety of our students, we will not permit students to leave the building but we will provide an area inside the building that can be used for their purpose (in the GHS Auditorium).  We want our students to have a voice but maintaining a safe situation is our priority.  Thank you!  
ROBO-CALL Placed to ALL District Families and GHS Staff on 2/23/18 at 5pm 
Good Evening, this is Eric Kujala, Superintendent of Geneva Area City Schools.  I am making this robo call to inform you of an incident we were made aware of at the Geneva Library which is across the street from the Geneva Middle School.  A report was made that a young person had an airsoft pistol in their possession at the library outside of school hours. We contacted the Geneva Police Department who followed up with the parties involved.

We do not believe the airsoft device was on school property or that there was any immediate threat to our students. We do, however, want to remind students and parents that we have zero tolerance for weapons or weapon look-alikes on school property. Students should also be advised that using weapons or weapon look-alikes in public areas pose a huge threat to their  own safety and the safety of others as it is difficult for law enforcement agents to distinguish between real and fake weapons. 
The Geneva Police Department will continue to look into this occurrence in cooperation with the library.
In addition, a letter was shared with GHS students today but is relevant to all students and parents about the importance of reporting and making sure accurate information is shared. 
Safety is of utmost importance to the Geneva Area City Schools. We encourage our students, parents, and community to live by the principal of "See Something, Say Something" - let's make it safe for everyone!  Thank you and have a safe weekend! 
Note:  NO WEAPON WAS FOUND  - only small plastic airsoft pellets were found
Feb. 23, 2018 - Letter shared with GHS Students and mentioned in the Robo-call (2/23/18)