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English 10
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Summer Reading Test 


Give yourself 10-15 minutes to respond.  Make sure I receive your word count 

Gothic Literature Notes


Gothic Literature Review Handout

Unit 1 Academic Notes 

Usher Concept Vocab Handout

Read My introduction to Gothic Literature pages 6-7 


Complete Journal 2 give yourself 10-15 minutes to write and give me your word count

Get a copy of First-Read Guide for taking notes on The Fall of the House of Usher 

Begin Usher:  read through paragraph 4 on page 15


Continue Usher:  Read through paragraph 24 on page 22


Growth Measure Testing


Finish SGM

There, Their, They're Quiz

Continue Usher read pages 22-24, paragraphs 25-29 and continue annotating on your first-read guide


Complete the Connotation Handout, Finish The Fall of the House of Usher page 24-30, Finish annotating your First-Read Guide, complete the "Respond" Box by writing a summary oft he story and complete the "Connect" Box


Make sure your First-Read Guide is completed, Complete the Analyze the Text Questions # 1-5 on page 32, Complete the Usher Reader Response Writing Task 


Finish the Usher Reader Response Writing Task, Begin the Gothic Literature Chart (cite a passage from the text as an example in the appropriate box - cite the paragraph number too, in the explanation box, explain what makes the passage fit the Gothic model)


Finish and turn in Gothic Literature Elements Chart, Complete the Usher Test Review (test Monday, First-Read Guide due Monday too) 


Turn in First-Read Guide for Usher, Fall of the House of Usher test, Vocab List #1 


Complete Journal #3, give yourself 10-15 minutes to write about what you would do if you won 5 million dollars (make sure I get your word count), Complete the concept vocab handout for House Taken Over, Complete the Word Study-patterns of word changes Handout 


1st Period: lamps and pins ceremony - no class

2nd Period:  Vocab List 1 sentence Check, House Taken Over Notes, Review Word Study Handout


1st Period:  Vocab List 1 sentence Check, House Taken Over Notes, Review Word Study Handout, Magic Realism Reteach Handout, Begin House Taken Over-read through paragraph 3 on page 38

2nd Period:  Magical Realism Reteach Handout, Read House Taken Over pages 37-42, annotate on your first-read guide 

2nd Period:  Vocab List 1 Test, Complete the Close read questions for paragraph 29 of House Taken Over 


1st Period:  Vocab List 1 test, Read House Taken Over page 39-paragraph 21 on page 41

2nd Period:  Vocab List 1 Test, Complete the Close read questions for paragraph 29 of House Taken Over  


1st Period:  Take a Copy of Vocab List 2 , Finish House Taken Over, pages 41-42 (paragraph 22-> end), Complete the Paragraph 29 close read response,         Complete the Magical Realism Handout for House

2nd Period:  Take a copy of Vocab List 2, Finish the Paragraph 29 Close read response, Complete Adverbs Handout, Complete Magical Realism Handout for House

18 September 

Complete Journal 4:  Scary Story – make sure I get your word count, Complete the Magical Realism Characteristics Chart, Complete the House Taken Over Review Handout 

19 September

Complete the Vocab list 2 sentence check, House Taken Over Test, Begin prewriting/Planning for explanatory Essay – take a prewriting handout for help and consult page 58 in textbook  (this is a 5x5 essay-introduction, 3 body paragraphs for evidence from Usher, House, and real life, conclucion)

20 September

Work on prewriting and drafting of explanatory essay - get an evidence sheet to work on 


Vocab Test List 2, continue drafting explanatory essay (fill in evidence chart and prewriting handouts) 


Get a copy of Vocab List 3 for this week, continue drafting explanatory essay 


Continue Drafting Essay, Peer edit checklist is availiable when rough draft is complete 


Complete vocab list 3 sentence check, continue explanatory essay - use the peer editing checklist to have someone review your paper-they are due by the end of class tomorrow 


Explanatory Essay due end of class TODAY, share via google or email it to me as an attachment:  michelle.rawlins@genevaschools.org 


Vocab test list 3 


Vocab List 4, test will be Friday,  Modern Gothic handout and the Concept Vocab handout (must define the words on the back of the vocab handout) for Where is Here?  Begin reading Where is Here; read through paragraph 26 and annotate any vocab or notes on a sheet of notebook paper


complete the Character Development Handout, finish reading Where is Here; and annotate any vocab or notes on a sheet of notebook paper, complete the Where is Here Text Questions handout complete the Modern Gothic Handout for Where is Here 


Complete Journal #5 - make sure I get a word count, Discussion of "Where is Here?" , Review Modern Gothic Handout and Character Development Handouts


Complete Vocab List 4 Sentence Check, Complete the Where is Here? Test REview - For Monday 10/8 Bring in a photo (size of 3x5 notecard or larger) that depicts fear or evokes a sense of fear.  Test on Vocab List 4 tomorrow AND Where is Here? 


Vocab List 4 Test and Where is Here? Test  *homework for Monday - bring in a picture (can be a photograph, magazine clipping or an image from the internet) that depicts fear or evokes a sense of fear.


complete media vocab handout for The Dream collector (begins page 82), There are 6 photographs to analyze - on a sheet of paper, for each photo, answer the following questions:  1. what did you notice about the photo first? 2. What is the possible fear?  3. What is the mood/tone of the photo? 


Complete Text Questions handout for The Dream Collector, Visual Presentations today (home instruction students exempt from this) 

10 October

Finish Dream Collector Visual Presentations, Begin the Unit 1 film study – you will need to consult the film study handout  

Begin “Why Do Some Brains Enjoy Fear?” on page 90 and read through paragraph 5 on page 92 

11 October

Finished Gothic Film Study – turn in notes to me, Complete the Vocab handout for “Why Do Some Brains Enjoy Fear?”


Copy Vocab List 5 into notes, Read “Why Do Some Brains Enjoy Fear?” and Complete the text questions handout  


Class in auditorium for ATECH presentation 

17 October

Vocab list 5 Sentence Check Handout, Poetry Vocab, Read beware: do not read this poem page 102-103  

18 October

Film Study-The Pit and the Pendulum- take notes as we watch certain clips and describe the gothic characteristics 

19 October

Vocab Test List 5, continue The Pit and the Pendulum 

22 October

 Get a copy of Vocab List 6, Read “The Raven” pages 104-107 AND “Windigo” pages 108-109, Mrs. Debacker came in to talk about HOBY – see me if you are interested in this opportunity 

23 October

Complete Point of View Reteach Handout, Read “Windigo” pages 108-109, Complete Poetry Text Questions Handout, Complete the Theme and POV handouts for the poems.  


Vocab list 6 sentence check, "Where is Here?" and Unit 1 Poetry Test Review 

25 October

Turn in Review Sheet for test, Test of “Why Do Some Brains Enjoy Fear?” and Unit 1 Poems, Intro to Unit 2:  video on Socrates  


Vocab Test List 6, Socrates Web Activity 


Get a copy of Vocab List 7, Finish Socrates Web Activity, Complete Unit 2 Terminology Activity 


Read "Isn't Everyone a Little Bit Weird?" pages 130-131, Answer the Launch Activity Question on page 132 (Why might exceptionally talented people be considered odd?), Get a copy of The Metamorphosis notes, Complete the Modernism Reteach Handout 


Begin The Metamorphosis read pages 137-140, through paragraph 12 ANNOTATE on your First-Read guide as you read 

Turn in Modernism Handout, Complete Vocab List 7 sentence check, Complete Concept Vocab for The Metamorphosis


Complete Rachel's Challenge Pre Questions, Class Discussion 


Vocab Test List 7, 1st PeriodOnly:  Complete Do People Need to Belong Journal  (2nd period no journal - dismissal to Rachel's Challenge Assembly)


Take a copy of Vocab List 8 for the week, Continue The Metamorphosis read pages 140 (paragraph 12) through page 147 (paragraph 32), Make sure you annotate on your First-Read Guide 


Complete Unpredictable Journal, make sure I get your word count, Continue The Metamorphosis, pages 147-paragraph 48 on page 153 


Complete Vocab List 8 Sentence Check Handout, continue The Metamorphosis read through paragraph 58 on page 157, Complete the Reading Check Handout for the first half of the story 


Continue reading "The Metamorphosis" pages 157-166, through paragraph 82 


Vocab Test List 8, Continue "The Metamorphosis" read pages 166-168 (to paragraph 87) 


Get a copy of Vocab List 9 for this week, continue “The Metamorphosis”

                1st period: read pg 168, paragraph 88 through page 175, paragraph 112

             2nd Period: read pg 170, paragraph 91 through end 


Complete the Modernism Handout for "The Metamorphosis", 1st period finish the story (pages 176-179), complete questions #1-3 on page 179 AND #1a, 2, 3 &4 on page 180 


Group Work:  Metamorphosis Discussion questions & Kafka and capitalism handout 


Unfinished Sentences Journal - turn this in when completed, Answer 2 questions on Capitalism in "The Metamorphosis," Complete Metamorphosis Review - vocab list 9 test and Metamorphosis test tomorrow 


Vocab Test List 9, Test on "The Metamorphosis", turn in first-read guides for Metamorphosis 


Kafka and Metamorphosis Video (you can access this online through your online textbook), answer the 3 questions for the video, begin the Metamorphosis Project.


Continue Kafka Bug Project (2nd Period-no class, trip to ATech) 


Kafka Bug Project due by end of class 


Sandy Hook "It starts with hello" presentation in auditorium.  2nd Period:  ALSO complete journal 8, a reflection on Thanksgiving Break. 


Complete the Diction and Syntax Reteach handout, see a classmate for the correct answers when finished, Complete the Vocab Handout for The Doll’s House, Read The Doll’s House pages 201-205, 


Finish The Doll's House pages 205 (paragraph 40) to page207, Complete the Text Questions handout, complete the Doll's House Diction & Syntax Handout, and the Theme and Symbolism Handout 


Complete Journal 9 on Laws, Complete "The Doll's House" Test Review Handout 


Copy Vocab List 10 into notes, "The Doll's House" test,  read pages 262-263 and complete the "Launch Activity" response on page 264, respond in 1/2 page


Complete Freedom Journal, Copy Rhetoric Review Notes into notebook, Complete Concept Vocab handout for Four Freedoms Speech - you must define the words on the back. 


 Turn in word count for Journal 10:  Freedoms

Begin “Four Freedoms Speech”  1st Period pages 269-274 through paragraph 41

                                                                2nd Period pages 269-272 through paragraph 31


Finish Four Freedoms Speech, Answer questions #1-4 page 277 AND 1a, 2&3 on page 278 


Vocab Test list 10, complete Four Freedoms Seminal Doc Handout, Complete the summary for the speech on your first-read guide 


Get a copy of vocab list 11, complete section A of concept vocab handout for "Inaugural Address", complete Emotional appeals review handout, begin to take notes on first-read guide for "Inaugural Address."  1st period read page 283-285 (paragraph 14), 2nd period read pages 283-286 (paragraph 26) 


Finish the “Inaugural Address” page 285-286, Complete the Reading Check questions #1-4 page 287, Complete the Emotional Appeals Handout for the speech 


Complete questions 1 and 2 under the “Read It” section on page 291, Copy comprehension check questions 1-3 on page 296 to answer as we watch JFK’s “Inaugural Address”, Watch through 3:34, JFK Inaugural Address:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PEC1C4p0k3E 


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