English 9

English 9

English 9
Mrs. Rawlins – Room 204

440-466-4831 Ex 4000 or michelle.rawlins@genevaschools.org

Required Materials

Notebook for journal writing

Notebook for notes and vocabulary

            *You can use 1 three subject notebook for journal, notes and vocabulary as long as they have their own separate sections.

General Information

1.      Good attendance is the cornerstone for success in this class.  It is difficult to take notes and understand daily lesson information if you are not present to hear discussions, lectures and explanations.  Please be:

            On time.    We begin class promptly as soon as the bell rings and you are expected to be in your seat and ready to begin.  After 3 tardies you will receive one detention for each subsequent tardy.

            Prepared for the daily assignments (books, writing utensils, homework).

2.      There will be daily bell ringer activities on the overhead or the whiteboard in front of the class.  These will be graded on a daily basis.

3.      There is a no cell phone policy.  Your phone must be powered off and put away.  If your phone is out, it will be confiscated and turned in to the office and you will be subject to disciplinary action.

4.      Please be aware that plagiarized assignments will be given a grade of Zero and will also be referred to the assistant principal for further disciplinary actions.

Course Grading Scale:

A+ 97-100 

A   93-96 

A-  90-92

B+ 87-89

B   83-86

B-  80-82

C+ 77-79

C   73-76 

C-  70-72

D+ 67-69 

D   63-66 

D-  60-63

F     59-0

 Classroom Rules

1.      Be on time and prepared for class.

2.       Please do not bring food or drink into the classroom.

3.      Please do not write on the desks.

4.      Be respectful to your classmates and teacher.

Course Objectives/Goals

English 9 is a course designed to improve your skills in these areas

            *Communications       *Vocabulary Development    

            *Critical Thinking        *Reading Comprehension

            * Persuasive, Expository, and Narrative Writing

Students must bring to class every day

            *a pencil and/or blue or black pen    *your issued Textbook

            *notebook for notes/journal writing


English 9CP students will be provided with a My Perspectives textbook

English 9 students will have access to a classroom set of books (they will not take these out of the classroom unless they sign one out)

You will need to have your notebook for notes daily but you may leave this notebook in the classroom

You will be issued a copy of Of Mice and Men at a later date when we cover the novel


Your grade in this class is based on a point system.  Points are earned for

            *Bell Work                              *Group work/class work         *Vocabulary Work

            *Writing Assignments             *Note-Taking                          *Journal Writing

            *Tests/quizzes                         *Participation

There will be a binder with all assigned work for make up in case of student absences.  It’s the student’s responsibility to make up any missed work including notes. 


*BE ON TIME                      *BE PREPARED                   *BE RESPECTFUL

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