English 9

English 9

English 9
Mrs. Rawlins – Room 204

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Journal 1 - give yourself 10-15 minutes to write - make sure I get  your word count


Textbook Scavenger Hunt 


Read The Cost of Survival pages 126-127 - answer the Launch Activity Question on page 128.  You must pick a side and give evidence to support your claim.

Order of Events Review Handout


Finish the Order of Events Handout

Complete the Concept Vocab Handout for The Seventh Man - you must define the words on the back


Start your Frirs-Read Guide for The Seventh Man (copy the vocab list into the "Annotate" box)

Begin The Seventh Man -3rd period read pages 133-138 through paragraph 30.  4th period read pages 133-137 through paragraph 27 


Growth Measure Testing 


Finish SGM

There, They're, Their Quiz

Continue The Seventh Man  3rd Period read pages 138-141, paragraphs 31-45

                                                    4th period read pages 137-140, paragraphs 28-41

Continue annotating (taking notes) on your first-read guide - see a classmate for the in class notes for this guide 


Finish reading The Seventh Man, pages 140-144, Finish annotating your first-read guide; complete the "Respond" box by writing a summary of the story and finish the "Connect" box as well; complete questions #1-5 on page 145, you must restate the question in your answer 


Complete Comprehension Check Questions #1-5 page 145, Complete the Order of Events Seventh Man Handout, Complete the Character Analysis Handout 


Review Order of Events Handout and Character Analysis Handout - see me for a key, Complete the Seventh Man Test Review Handout (TEST TOMORROW) 


Turn in First-Read Guide, Test on "The Seventh Man", Complete the Punctuation reteach handout 


Survival Video:  To Build a Fire & Handout


Journal #2, give yourself 10-15 minutes to write about what you would do if you won 5 million dollars (make sure I get your word count),Chapter 1 Vocab Handout, finish survival film/handout 


Turn in word count for Journal #2, Turn in To Build a Fire Film Handout, Complete Chapter 1 vocab sentence check 1, complete the concept vocab handout for The Moral Logic of Survivor Guilt


Chapter 1 sentence check 2 vocab Quiz, Begin a first-read guide for The Moral Logic of Survivor Guilt (add the attached vocab to the handout), begin the story-read through paragraph six on page 155 


Chapter 1 Vocab Test , finish the Moral Logic of Survivor Guilt, read pages 155-157 (paragraph 7-> end), continue marking your first-read guide


Complete Chapter 2 Vocab Handout, Complete the Moral Logic of Survivor Guilt Punctuation Handout, Open book Quiz on Moral Logic


Complete Ch 2 Vocab Sentence Check #1, Finish Open Book/Note Quiz, and complete Moral Logic Test Review 


Journal #3, Review Open Note Test, Second reading of The Moral Logic of Survivor Guilt - add to your First-Read Guide for Connect box and summary box 

Class PowerPoint's
You must take notes as you read The Seventh Man. In the "annotate" box goes the vocab list from the download. In the "Notice"box list characters, setting, and events, in the "Respond" box you will write a summary of the story when completed, in the "Connect" box you will write down any other book, movie, TV show, game, or experience you can connect to what happens in the story
Week of 9/10-9/14
week 9/14-9/21
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