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Welcome to 7th Grade Math!
This website is designed to be an important resource accompanying Mr. Clugh's 7th grade math classes. As the year goes on, expect to find important documents, up to date weekly planner layouts, and helpful notes/study guides/practice sheets. Please let me know if there is anything that I can help you with!
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Weekly Planner!
The items below should always be placed in your weekly planner. These will be stamped in class to make sure everybody is up to date and aware of what is happening in class. Again, be sure to ask any questions along the way!
Quarter 1

Week 1
Monday 8/21 - Summer Break
                              CW - None

Tuesday 8/22 - Summer Break
                              CW - None

Wednesday 8/23 - Summer Break
                              CW - None
Thursday 8/24 - Class Introductions
                              CW - None
Friday 8/25 - Syllabus Day
                              CW - None
Week 2
Monday 8/28 - Height and Arm Span Project - Day 1
                              CW - Data Collection and Tendencies

Tuesday 8/29 - Height and Arm Span Project - Day 2
                              CW - Frequency Table and Dot Plot

Wednesday 8/30 - Height and Arm Span Project - Day 3
                              CW - Stem and Leaf Plot and Box and Whisker Plot
Thursday 8/31 - Height and Arm Span Project - Day 4
                              CW - Scatterplot and Histogram

Friday 9/1 - Height and Arm Span Project - Day 5
                              CW - Finalize and Turn In!
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