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GHS Awards and Scholarships
This year, the GHS Award and Scholarship Assemblies will be presented virtually and will be posted to the district website.  Check the website on Monday, May 18th for specific times and details.  Information will be posted on the homepage under "District News".  Thank you! 

End of Year Wrap Up

The last day for instruction is scheduled for May 29th, 2020. Your child should not have any new assignments after this date. June 1st-4th, 2020 will be days your child will have extra time to turn in any late work. Also, June 1st-4th from *8:00am-2:00pm M-TH the gym doors will be open for you to drop off textbooks(once you are done needing them)  or other  school items. We will not have staff in the gym on those days, but the office is open if you need assistance. Enter through the front entrance. 
 ** The front entrance is open M-F. from 8:00am- 7:00pm to drop off if you can't make the other days.   
All information about what will happen in the fall will be on the district website, relayed to you by robocall or by PTO Facebook page. The district is working on different scenarios of returning to school while waiting on directives from the Governor/ and or Ashtabula County Health Department. We are trying to be prepared. We have learned a lot from this experience and have appreciated your feedback. This information will be used in the planning process while moving forward. 
I can't thank you enough for all the support you have given during this trying ordeal. Cork is a very special place because of you. Your child has been greatly missed by the staff. As I am sure you are well aware, Zoom and Google Classroom are not the same as working with your child in person. We go into teaching to make a difference in the lives of students but this situation has really made us aware of how much the students have an impact on our lives. We learn from them every day. There is little joy in teaching without them here. 
Thank you for all of your comments on how much you appreciate what we do as teachers. It has meant a lot. 
Stay safe. Stay Healthy,
Mrs. Doherty

Lesson Plans

We will be putting forth effort to provide you with curriculm outlines as we are moving forward. Teachers were in a time crunch when it was first announced that schools will be closing. With Governor Dewine's update, teachers shave been working this week to plan lessons for the upcoming weeks. We will add what we can here as it comes in. If you have questions.. please contact your child's teacher or call the office. 440-415-9335. Teachers are being directed to make contact with parents on a regular basis to check in. If you have not heard from your child's teacher, call the office.
There will be a box in the main entrance of the school to drop off any completed material...
*  Teachers can check their phone messages remotely from home. Please email or call and leave a message when you have questions. If you do not hear back from the teacher, call the office at 440-415-9335 and leave a message.  
Art Lessons: 
Mrs. Simmons 
Phys. Ed  Lessons 
Mr. Corlew's   At Home Workout
Music Lessons
Mrs. Stowell 
KDG MRS.ELLIS       * [email protected]   * 440-466-4831 ext 5101
Writing paper 
Story and worksheets 
Easter Sheets
Assignments Week of April 13th
1st Grade : Mrs. Schroeder and Mrs. Webb      * [email protected]      * 440-466-4831 ext 5102                                                                                   * [email protected]         * 440-466-4831 ext 5103 
Reading Pages
Assignments Week of April 13-17
Reading Assignments 
Easter Fun
Assignments  Week of April 20-24
Reading Assignments 
Assignments April 27-30
Worksheets April 27-30
Mrs. Bowser 2nd grade      *** [email protected]   **440-4831 ext 5205
 Lesson Plans april 6-10
Mrs. Wilber  2nd Grade            ***[email protected]        ** 440-466-4831  ext 5204
Lesson Plans April 6-10 

Mrs. Wilber’s Class Plans for the week of April 14

Monday - No “School”


Tuesday - Reading Day

  • Write about your weekend in Dojo and send it to me or you can use paper/pencil (4-5 sentences)

  • Read Brave Bessie in your hardback reading book pg. 390-401

  • After reading Brave Bessie complete RWC pgs. 15 & 16

  • Choose 4 vocabulary words (agree,challenging, discover, heroes, interest, perform, study, succeed)     

-Use each word in a meaningful sentence. 

Spelling - We are going to study the list from last week

  •   Complete the attached worksheet

Math - Complete iReady lesson

Read a book of your choice for 15 minutes


Wednesday, April 15 - Math Day

  • Math lesson- Lesson 10.2 Make Picture Graphs

Watch math video on dojo. I will complete MJ pgs. 659 & 660 with you.

Complete MJ pgs. 661-664 on your own. I will post answers in the afternoon.

  • Complete iReady reading lesson 

  • Read for 15 minutes on your own. Respond to my question on Dojo about a book you are reading.

  • Complete sentences using vocabulary words. I will post the paper on dojo.

  • Spelling - Choose 10 spelling words and use each word in a sentence either on Dojo or pencil/paper


Thursday, April 16 - Reading

  • Reread Brave Bessie to either yourself or to someone in your house

  1. What was your favorite part?

  2. Would you want to be friends with Bessie? Why or why not?

  • Take an AR quiz on Brave Bessie

  • In your RWC - Read and complete pgs. 18, 19 and 20

  • Complete pronoun paper. I will post on Dojo.

  • Math - Complete an iReady math lesson

  • Spelling -  complete spelling word search


Friday, April 17 - Math

Watch Dojo video - I will complete MJ pgs. 666 and some of 667

  • Complete Mid Chapter checkpoint pg. 668 and HW 669-670

I will post answers in the afternoon.

  • Scholastic News - Beach of Glass  Password: dipnote8216

  • iReady lesson of your choice

  • Read 15 minutes

  • Online spelling test

I would also like to do a Zoom meeting with our class around 10:00 am

Mrs. Wilber's Lesson Plans for the Week Of April 20,2020 

 Mrs. Jackam  3rd Grade        ***[email protected]             **440-466-4831  ext  5200
Parent Letter 
Lesson Plan Week of April 6
Week of April 6 Activities
 Week of April 6 Activities and Easter Fun
Math  Chpt 10 Test
 Math Chpt 11 school- home Letter
Math Perimeter and Area Notes
 Math Activity Sheets
Mrs. Jackam's Lesson Plans Week 1 - May 
 Mrs. Jackam's Lesson Plans Week 2 - May 
 Mrs. Jackam's Lesson Plans Week 3 - May 
 Mrs. Jackam's Lesson Plans Week 4 - May 
Mrs. Hall 4th Grade        ***[email protected]        ** 440-466-4831  ext  5306
Mrs. Hall's Daily Agenda
Mrs. Hall's Lesson Plans May 5th, 2020
Mrs. Hall's Lesson Plans May 4th, 2020
Mrs. Hall's Lesson Plans April 27th- 30th, 2020
Older Lessons:  
 Monday, April 6th  Plans 
 Tuesday,  April 7thPlans
Wednesday, April 8th Plans
Thurday, April 9th Plans
Tuesday April 14th Plans
1. Complete Tues assignment- Geometry Google Slides activity
Language Arts-Links in Google Classroom
1. Tuesday assignment Google Classroom- Read 2 passages and answer comprehension questions 
Spelling? (10-15 minutes)
1. Spelling City-Play any of the free games to practice words
 Reading/AR? (60 minutes) Students should be participating in at least an hour of silent/independent reading each day. It can all be done at one time or broken into 20-30 minute chunks.
Science/Social Studies
1. New Slideshow project posted—due Friday, April 24
Wednesday’s Plans April 15,2020
1. Complete Wednesday assignment- Lesson 10.4

Language Arts-Links in Google Classroom
1. Wednesday assignment Google Classroom- Read 2 passages and answer comprehension questions 

Spelling (10-15 minutes)
1. Spelling City-Play any of the free games to practice words

Reading/AR (60 minutes) Students should be participating in at least an hour of silent/independent reading each day. It can all be done at one time or broken into 20-30 minute chunks.

Science/Social Studies
1. New Slideshow project posted—due Friday, April 24

Zoom meeting 4:00 pm (optional)
Thursday, April 16,2020 Lessons
Optional- Xtramath or 
Friday, April 17 Lessons

Friday’s Plans 

  • Math 

  1. Please use today to catch up on any unfinished math assignments-no new lesson to complete today
    Language Arts-Links in Google Classroom

  1. Read short passages and make inferences

  2. Spelling (10-15 minutes) 

  1. Play any of the free games to practice and play test me to check mastery of words

  • Reading/AR (60 minutes) It can all be done at one time or broken into 20-30 minute chunks. 

  • iReady (About 30 minutes)

  1. Complete an iReady reading or math lesson

  • Science/Social Studies

  1. Career slideshow is due Friday, April 24th 

Optional- Xtramath or

Thursday’s Plans 

  • Math 

  1. Mid Chapter Checkpoint- not a quiz just a review of the first 4 lessons in chapter 10
    Language Arts-Links in Google Classroom

  1. Read “A Moving Story” passage and answer the comprehension questions

  2. Spelling (10-15 minutes) 

  1. Play any of the free games to practice 

  • Reading/AR (60 minutes) It can all be done at one time or broken into 20-30 minute chunks. 

  • iReady (About 30 minutes) **optional but encouraged**

  1. Complete an iReady reading or math lesson

  • Science/Social Studies

  1. Career slideshow is due Friday, April 24th 


    Lesson Plans Monday, April 20, 2020 

    Lesson Plans Tuesday, April 21 , 2020

    Lesson Plans Wednesday, April 22,2020 

    Lesson Plans Thursday, April 23, 2020 

At Home PAX Activities 

Robocall Transcript 4/2/2020 With Chromebook Pick up


** Mrs. Hall will NOT have any materials for your child to pick up.  


Good evening,

This is Melissa Doherty.  I am calling to inform you that:

  • parents and guardians will be able to pick up and drop off assignment materials 

  • on Monday, April 6th and Wednesday, April 8th only.

  • From 8am-1:30pm in the Cork  gym. ** Both days 

  • Families with the last names between A-L,  please come between 8:00-10:30. 

  • Families with the last names between M-Z, please come between 11:00-1:30.

There will be a table for each class with a box for drop off of completed materials and new materials to pick up.for the weeks of April 6th and 13th.  These materials need to be worked on so teachers can take grades for the 4th nine weeks. 

Please make sure that your student has written their first and last name on all paperwork to turn in.

With respect to social distancing please:

  • Only 1 adult per family should enter the gym if possible.

  • No children should be present.

  • Please remain 6 feet away from other adults that are present.

  • We may need to limit the number in the area at one time.  Please look prior to entering so we can respect the necessary social distancing and 10 or fewer limits.

Volunteers will be on hand to assist.

If you have any additional questions, please contact your student’s teacher, a staff directory is posted to the website with contact information if needed.

Teachers will be contacting you throughout the closure. Please reach out to them as well. 

Thank you for your continued support and please stay healthy.

Please note: Chromebook pick-up for families that reserved one is tentatively planned for Wed., April 8th at Geneva Middle School.  Details will be placed on the website under “District News” on the main page and a robo-call with more details about chromebook pickup will be made on Tuesday, April 7th.


Addition::::: We understand if you are not available on either of those days. We will be making additional arrangements to get materials to you or a different time for you to pick up. We are giving you materials for the week of the 6th but chromebooks might not be available until the 8th so there will be lag time with starting assignments. Mantra... do the best you can. We are all in this together. 

Chromebook Pick up

Chromebook pick-up for families that reserved one is tentatively planned for Wed., April 8th at Geneva Middle School.  Details will be placed on the website under “District News” on the main page and a robo-call with more details about chromebook pickup will be made on Tuesday, April 7th. 

Unprecedented School Closure 2020

Welcome back from Spring Break! I hope everyone is safe and healthy. Your child was given work through this week. When your child has completed a lesson in which a hard copy is to be turned in, there is a box in the school entryway for drop off of completed work. This might be temporary as the district is meeting to develop a plan to ensure everyone's safety.   The outside door closes normally  at 5:00pm. We are working on extending the time. Your child might not have anything to turn in as their lessons are online, google classroom etc. 
Governor DeWine announced today, as most of you are probably aware, the closure is through Friday, May 1, 2020.  It will be reevaluated at that time. The staff at Cork will be working under the guidance of Superintendent Kujala adressing our need to refocus our plan and make sure that education (online, packets, a combination of both,...) are ready to go and in full operation. In the meantime, our teachers are working on preparing future lessons. If you are having difficulty reaching out to your child's teacher, please call the office. 415-9335. Mrs. Doherty is available to assist you with finding information. 
 Past Information:
As you are well aware, on March 12, 2020, Governor Mike DeWine made an unprecedented announcement ordering all of Ohio’s public, community and private K-12 school buildings to be closed to students for a three-week period—beginning on March 17 and ending on April 3, 2020—due to the ongoing coronavirus health crisis. This is a stressful time for our staff. Teachers want to continue teaching, helping, guiding and enjoying learning together but we know we have to be safe and do what we must to stop the spread of COVID-19. 
Our teachers scrambled to put together student work and activities for our students to help review and stay in the learning mode during the closure. ** The week of March 23-27th is Spring Break so relax while quarantined. 
This week teachers have been sending information to post on this website if parents are looking for more activities and support. The following are some internet site suggestions : 
Some of the following are for younger students and some are for older students so go through and find what interests your child.... code:SCHOOL2568) 
Thank you for your patience! We miss the students and want to have them here learning with us but everyone's health and safety is our top priority as you are well aware. 
341 St. Rt. 534 S.
Geneva, Ohio, 44041
(440) 466-4831, Ext. 5000
Fax (440) 466-0433
Elementary Day for Students: 8:45 am to 3:15 pm

Kindergarten Registration

5th Grade Clap Out- June 4th beginning line up at 1:50 pm.

We will be having a reverse clap out for our 5th grade students on June 4th! 
How this will work:
Parents of 5th grade students will arrive at Cork at 1:50 pm. You will pull through the pick up lane by the north entrance and wait. At 2:00 pm we will direct parents to pull around to the bus lane and follow the bus lane to the exit on the south end. Cars will pull out of the drop off lane and turn right into the bus lane and continue down the bus lane. * The same direction buses use when entering. There will be people directing which way to go. Staff will be on the sidewalk in front of the building cheering and clapping for our 5th grade class wishing them a fond farewell. 
Each student will have a gift bag with their T-shirts and certificates included. 
We want to offer something for our 5th grade class as they have missed out on some end of year activities planned for them.   
** This is for the 5th grade class only. 

PTO/Yearbook Information

Here is the link for parents to order the 2019-2020 Cork Elementary yearbooks:



****Yearbooks will be delivered in Fall 2020. Any questions, please email [email protected]

Events Calendar

Upcoming Events

Procedures and Information

Cork Elementary School
Procedures and Safety Information

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to a brand new school year! This letter has been prepared to help you understand our operating procedures and to make you aware of some changes for the upcoming year.

1.   Your student’s supply list with their teacher listed for the 2019-2020 school year was mailed home the week of June 3rd with your student’s final report card.   Your student’s homeroom teacher is not subject to change; all students were placed in their classrooms after careful review of individual student data.

2.    With the return of the original bus scheduling/routes, we will follow drop off/pick up and bus routine as in the past

Bus routes:

If you are driving your child to school: Drop off begins in the morning at 8:20am at the north (office) entrance if your child is eating breakfast. If your child is not eating breakfast at school, you will drop them off at 8:30am. Breakfast is available until 8:45 am. You will loop around the parking lot and enter the lane right next to the sidewalk. Please pull up to the crosswalk to let your students out of the car. Please have your child exit your car on the right. Remember to be considerate to others by having your child exit the car promptly. Before leaving, make sure the crosswalk is clear. You are expected to use the drop off lane when arriving at school. If you need to walk in with your child, you will park your car and cross with your child. DO NOT drop off your child in the parking lot and let them cross by themselves. Adults will be outside supervising. They can be distracted when students stop to talk and say “Good Morning” . We enjoy starting the day with attention placed on our students. Adult/student connections are an important part of the education process.
Buses will use the front loop to dismiss students. Students eating breakfast will be dismissed off the bus at 8:20am. Students not eating breakfast will be dismissed from the bus t 8:30am.
3.    It helps everyone if students understand their day before they leave for school. Our days are busy and focused. It can be very confusing to our office, classrooms and your children to make changes in transportation during the day.  We do not take phone calls to change transportation arrangements.  Classroom notes to teachers provide the best and safest communication for your child.  Send a note to your child’s teacher when normal schedules or routines are changed due to:
    •    Change in transportation home.
    •    Release from gym class, recess or another activity.
    •    Change in medication.
    •    Absence or tardiness. (if a note or medical excuse is not sent, your child will be considered truant)
    •    Change in address, phone, living arrangements, or babysitter.

4.    Students who are picked up after school will be dismissed at 3:00 PM.  Bussed students will be dismissed at 3:05pm to the front of the building where the buses will be loaded. The students exit through the cafeteria and gym doors. This allows buses to depart by 3:15 PM.  In the event of a last minute change (an emergency) requiring you to get your child off of a bus, report to the office and the school secretary will radio the bus.  Do not report to your child’s bus.  This is a violation of safe school procedures.

5.    Pick up procedures – our staff will supervise students who report to cars for pickup.  Students will be dismissed from the side entrance at 3:00pm.  Please pickup car tags at Open House. We are assigning new numbers so please make sure you are picking up a number. We are assigning new numbers to start low and have the ability to make the numbers larger. Easier to see.  If you need additional numbers, contact the office. Please have your students practice buckling their seat belt independently in order to expedite this process.  There will be no office pickups during the pick up process. Parents are not permitted to wait inside as we have done in the past with the exception of AM Kindergarten.  In the event of an Emergency, parents may call the office to pick up at 2:30 PM.  AM KDG students who get picked up will be sent to the office at 11:25 AM. Parents will have to come to the office to pick up their KDG student. At the same time, AM KDG students who ride the bus will be escorted to the bus to go home. The PM KDG will be escorted into the building to start their day.

6.    Families who qualify for free lunch/breakfast programs must complete required forms.  When paying for lunches/breakfasts, always send money in a sealed envelope that has your child’s name, the teacher’s name and amount of money on it.  Payment can be made on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  Payment may also be made online at  Checks must be made payable to Cork Elementary School Cafeteria.  The price of school lunches this year will be $2.80. Milk and juice are available at $.50 when purchased separately. The cost of breakfast is $1.50. Reduced prices are $.30 for breakfast and $.40 for lunch.  To qualify for free or reduced meals, you must complete an application.  You may complete your application online at  Paper applications are available upon request at each school office.

7.    The K-5 Student Handbook is available online.  Pay particular attention to dress code guidelines and the conduct code.  I will be reviewing the code of conduct with the students the first week of school.  Please let us know if you require a paper copy.

8.     Medications are distributed by prescription only and require the signature of a parent and physician on a Geneva Schools Medication Form.  Medications may not be transported by bus.  Parent or guardian will need to check in their medicine with the nurse or office staff.

In closing, thank you for your cooperation in the enforcement of school safety and procedures.  I am very excited to begin another school year as your Principal here at Cork.  Please check the Geneva Area City Schools website at for additional information.
Also, please read "A Day in the Life of a Corker" found on the website and handed out at Open House.


Mrs. Melissa Doherty

Revised 8/1/19

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