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District Devices for Students / Pick-up

 MESSAGE (4/7/20) Chromebook Pick-ups
Chromebook pick up for thoses families that requested one is scheduled for Wed., April 8th and Thurs., April 9th.  ALL PICKUPS ARE AT GENEVA MIDDLE SCHOOL.  Pick ups will occur near the main entrance (on the south side) - there are exterior double doors to the right of the main entrance and parking area that are part of the gym. 
Map for Pickup at GMS
Pick on Wed., April 8th * Parents / guardians are needed to sign the agreement
HS Parents:  9 am - 11 am 
MS Parents :  11am - 1pm 
Aust Parents :  1pm - 3pm 
ALL other schools or those not available on Wednesday will pickup on:
Thurs., April 9th from 9am - 12pm  * Parents / guardians are needed to sign the agreement
 Added 4/7/20:  Chromebook LOG IN Help and information 
UPDATE on Chromebook Distribution for Students:  THURSDAY, April 2nd
Distribution of Chromebooks is tentatively planned for Wednesday, April 8th and Thursday, April 9th.  (*Original Pick-up dates were scheduled for the week of April 13th).  We are trying to get them ready earlier to assist our students and families.  Pickups will be arranged by school.  The pickup location will be at Geneva Middle School.  More details will be placed on the website and a robo-call will be made on Tuesday, April 7th with more details.  Thank you!
Click to read the Parent / Guardian - Checkout Agreement
Note:  There is a replacement cost ($250) noted if the chromebook is damaged during the loan period.  
 Procedure to reserve a chromebook (quanity may be limited) 
This week, we sent out information to our families as we prepare for the possibility of being closed for a longer period of time. The message was sent out through our robo-call system, placed on our information line (466 -1000) and on our website at
We are asking the families in the Geneva Area City School District to respond so we can determine the technology needs of our students and families. 

The message is:  We are contacting our families to gather information regarding student devices and internet for Geneva Area City Schools.  

Dear Geneva Families :  This message is IMPORTANT and may need your attention.  

Due to many families in our district not having a device that students can work on at home or not having internet access, we are trying to collect information through various district communication methods.  If you have access to the internet, there is more information on our website at under "District News" - District Devices for Students. If you do not have access, please call the District Information Line at 466-1000.  

Families will be directed to contact the district ONLY if they are in need of a device or do not have internet.  Please call 466-4831 and when prompted, please press #1 which is the school's attendance line.  Please select the number for your child's school.  If you have multiple children, you can leave a message at one school but please provide information for all children.  

Please provide the following: IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A DEVICE or INTERNET CONNECTION 
1.  Name of parent / guardian and a phone number.
2.  The name and grade level of your child (or children - if more than one building). 
3.  If you will need a device. 
4.  If you do have internet access.  *We are trying to get more information for families to see if there is a free or inexpensive internet option at this time. 
5.  If the family has a smartphone with internet access as an option. 

Note:  We are hoping to provide one device per family.  Depending on the overall needs, we will see how many devices we are able to distribute.  We will provide priority to our grade 6-12 students. There is no guarantee that you will receive a device.  Remember the devices are for academic and school purposes only.  Families will be responsible for the care of the devices. 

Chromebook handout to students is planned during the week of April 13th.  A robo-call will be made and information placed on the district's website to provide further information about pick-up.  

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