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Cork Elementary School is part of the Geneva Area City Schools in Ashtabula County. It contains grades K - 5. Located in northeastern Ohio, Cork has approximately 275 students in attendance. The school year runs from late August through early June.


The mission of Cork Elementary School is to provide quality education in a nurturing, safe, learning environment achieved through the partnership of family, staff, and student involvement.


A Day in the Life of a Corker (an affectionate term we call ourselves)


8:20- Students may enter the building. There is a staff member to supervise students as they come in. Students who want to eat breakfast will head down to the cafeteria. Those who do not will wait in the entranceway. ** Please do not drop off your child until 8:20. We do not have supervision until 8:20.

8:20- 8:30- Buses arrive and students who eat breakfast will be released to enter the building and head to the cafeteria.

Breakfast Prices: $1.50, reduced $.30

The cafeteria offers a program called “My School Bucks” in which you sign up to view your child’s account- spending history and balance. You can directly deposit money in your child’s account as well. Returned checks will be submitted to eCollect and your account will be debited electronically for both face amount and return check fees. Digital menus are available online at http://genevaschools.nutrislice.com/

A New Charge Policy: A student may charge up to 3 meals before being served an alternate meal. Please go to myschoolbucks.com for free low balance alerts. In order to sign up for the myschoolbucks program, you will need your child’s school ID number. The office will gladly give that to you. WE NEVER DENY A MEAL to a student. In some situations, students may refuse to eat or take choices from the lunch line. We then coax them into eating something.

FYI- Just a reminder that eligibility for free or reduced-price meals will expire on Sept. 30. If you were eligible for reduced price meals last year, you will still be covered keeping in mind that you need to re-apply by the 30th.

8:15 am- Head Start has set up a preschool classroom in our building. Geneva Area City Schools is not in charge of the classroom, they are only using our facility. Contact Headstart for questions.

Head Start students are dropped off in the main parking lot to enter the side building.

Drop Off: For those of you who were here before the cuts, we will be going back to our original procedure.

8:20-8:30-Buses pull up through the front-drive and drop off students to walk down the sidewalk to enter the building. Breakfast students will enter the cafeteria doors the rest will enter through the main entrance.

8:20-8:45- Parents may drop off their child.

Drop Off Procedure:

  1. Pull into the north parking lot entrance to the main parking area. Stay on the outside perimeter. Pull through the drop off lane located right next to the building. You will pull past the side entrance and up to the main entrance area. Staff will be outside to assist. Once you have pulled into the loop, pull up to the sign. Have your child ready to get out of the car on the passenger’s side. We would like your child to be ready to avoid a backup of cars and as a courtesy to those parents who need to be somewhere.

  2. Your child will go directly to the classroom or to the cafeteria for breakfast depending on the time.

  3. Staff will be outside to assist your child.

  4. If you are walking your child in, park on the east side of the parking lot and walk your child into the building. Do not let your child walk across the parking lot unattended for safety reasons. Use the crosswalk to cross. Staff will be out monitoring drop off but they can become distracted by students asking questions or wanting to say good morning so you must walk your child over.

8:40- Warning bell will ring to remind students to clean up at breakfast and head to class. (Those that go to breakfast)

8:45- Tardy bell will ring signaling the start of the day. If you arrive after 8:45, you will be marked tardy and you will need a note. * Due to House Bill 410 we count minutes and hours of the day for attendance. Your child will be counted excused if you send a note in with an explanation. If not, your child will be marked unexcused which could lead to consequences. If you are having trouble getting your child to school, please call us and we can try to develop a plan to help. We all have to work together and avoid the stress of going it alone.

If your child will be absent, please call the office using extension 5007. Leave a message as to your child’s name, class, and reason why absent. ** You must ALSO provide a written note upon your child’s return. These are not our rules but the State of Ohio rules.

** See HB 410 for information on student absence.

If your child is out and you request work, please respect our time by picking up the work.

Vacations must be approved by the principal (meaning if they are considered excused or unexcused) and will be considered excused if you request work.

We keep the doors locked during the day for the safety of all involved. To enter, you will need to be buzzed into the main office to sign in and receive a pass. Do not be offended if we ask questions before letting you enter the building.

8:45- Mrs. Doherty starts announcements. Announcements include events and reminders, lunch choices, positive quotes, birthdays, and pledges. 5th-grade students- one from each class- will lead the pledges and announce lunch choices.

The pledges are:
An Affirming Pledge to Myself
By Marva Collins

This day has been given to me fresh and clear.
I can either use it or throw it away.
I promise myself I shall use this day to its fullest,
realizing it can never come back again.
I am the only person who has the power to decide what I will be.
I make myself what I am.


My Job Here
My job here in school is to learn.
Hopefully I will become a lifelong learner.
In this process, I will care for others.

8:55- 9:00 Announcements are over. Classes begin.

Teachers have students work on “morning work” which can include the practice of content, student/teacher conference, silent reading, or activities to activate the brain for learning. Hoping for a positive start to the day. Making sure your child is on time for school is a healthy start to the day. It becomes difficult to adjust when students arrive late. They fell behind at the start of the day. Students have personally shared this with us.

9:00-12:55: Classroom activities and lunch schedule.

  • 11:10-11:40- 1st grade lunch

  • 11:25-11:55- 2nd grade

  • 11:40-12:10- 3rd grade

  • 12:00-12:30 - 4th grade

  • 12:05-12:35- KDG PM CLASS

  • 12:25-12:55- 5th grade

Every few years, we change the order of lunch to give each grade equitable morning time for learning.

Sometimes parents want to eat lunch with their child. You are welcome to do so but keep in mind you need to visit with your child and keep interaction with other students limited. All conversations need to be school appropriate and not personal. Parents will also need to provide their own lunch. Please let the office or cafeteria know if you plan to visit.

Lunch prices: $2.80, reduced$.40, milk and juice $.50

The cafeteria does offer ice cream on Fridays. $.75

11:25- AM KDG students board their bus home. ** AM KDG do not go to lunch. They can request a bag lunch to take with them when they leave for the day.

PM KDG students report to the classroom.

The staff is monitoring and assisting this process.


  • When we reference “specials” we are talking about Art, Music, Gym, and Library.

We are bringing back Art this year. Thank you for the support to make this happen. We still do not have a librarian or recess monitor. Classroom teachers try to take this on as best as they can.

Gym: KDG: 25 min a week

Grades 1-5: 35 min a week

** Teachers sometimes bring their class into the gym for activities when the gym is not in use.

Music: KDG: 25 min a week

Grades 1-5: 35 min a week.

Art: KDG: 30 min every other week

Grades 1-5 : 1 hour every other week

*** All elementary buildings in the district share the Art, Music, and Gym teachers so they rotate throughout the district.

2:55- Bell ring signaling students who are picked up to report to the main entrance/library. All pick up numbers are posted. Your child will sit by his/her number for easy identification. Families who pick up regularly have been given a number. You are responsible for the number. If the person in the car has a number, we will release your child to them. If the person picking up your child does not have a number, we will not release your child to that person. They will have to pull up, park and go to the office for a verification phone call to parents giving verbal permission to release your child. ** If you do not have a current hang tag number, please request one from the office. The office will provide extra numbers upon your request. Please do not create your own number sign. Request additional copies from the office.

!!!!!!! New numbers will be assigned this year. Please stop by in the cafeteria at our Open House to pick up your new number.

HANG TAGS- please hang your number on your rearview mirror to make it easier to see and call your number. ** We are aware that life happens and you are sending a person to pick up your child without a number. In this case, a call to the office letting us know ahead of time will be sufficient. Do not leave a message.

3:00 pm- Parents will pull in the north entrance and stay on the perimeter of the parking lot. Pull through the drop-off/ pick up lane but this time stop at the side entrance. This keeps students covered during inclement weather as we like to call a couple of numbers at a time to keep the line moving. Students will have their pick up number called and will exit the building.

We need to move quickly to get your child in your car as a backup on the road is a big concern.

If we wave you to pull up, please do so and we will bring your child to you.

Please pick up your child by 3:25. If you have not picked up your child by this time, you will need to park and pick up your child in the office.

Unlike in the past, no one will be permitted to walk in to pick up your child at the end of the day. You must use the pick up lane. If your child is an early dismissal and picked up before 2:45 PM, then you walk in the building to retrieve your child.

3:05-3:25 Buses arrive to retrieve students who take the bus home. Students will stay in their classrooms with their teachers to listen for their bus numbers to be called. Once their bus number is called, the students on that bus walk to the main entrance and have staff walk them out to the bus. Staff is also visible in the hallways to monitor students exiting.

If the bus is running very late, we will do a robocall to inform you. This only happens when we are informed ahead of time.

** If you are making changes to drop off, you must notify the office in writing. The sooner you let us know the less chance of a mistake being made. Do not call the office and leave a message as we might not get the message to make the change. No changes in transportation will be granted after 2:45 PM. This is all for the purpose of safety and getting your child to their destination.

This concludes a typical day.

Forms of communication:

Website: www.genevaschools.org Cork has a page. ** I was just trained how to add information on the site. Be patient :)

Twitter: @corkdoherty

Let the office know if you do not want your child’s picture posted. ** I try to tweet as often as time allows. Our days become very busy- even after school hours.

PTO Facebook: PTO has a Facebook page. I send information to our PTO who in turn posts information.

Handouts- Some information is handed out to your child to take home. Please check the bookbags nightly.

Student Assignment Books- Students in grades 3-5 have assignment notebooks. Look for communication written in the notebooks as well. Each teacher has a process for assignment notebooks. Please make sure you are aware of your child’s teachers' process.

PTO Meetings- 2nd Tuesday each Month. 3:30 pm in the music room.

*****This information is also located on our website.