Photo of the Cork Elementary.


We hope you had a wonderful summer and are as excited about the new school year as we are. We look forward to getting to know you and watching you grow this year. Please use this site as a helpful tool throughout the year. 

If you need help navigating the site, please feel free to contact us at Jennifer.ball@neomin.org or tammara.haeseler@neomin.org . We have no doubt that we will have a very happy and successful 5th-grade year.

This is a list of supplies that will be needed at the beginning of the school year and may need to be replenished later on in the year as well. Thank you.

  • 1 pack of standard #2 pencils

  • 1 pack of colored pencils

  • 1 small bottle of glue

  • 2 large book covers

  • 2 boxes of facial tissues

  • 1 small supply box

  • 1 two-pocket folder for Take Home papers

  • 1-24 pack of crayons

  • 2 pens (blue or black)

  • 1 pair of scissors

  • 2 packs of loose-leaf paper

  • 1 composition notebook

  • markers are optional

  • 5 - 3 prong, 2 pocket folders (1 of each color: Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, and Purple