Dear parents and guardians,

I would like to thank everyone for all of their help and kindness welcoming me to Austinburg Elementary. The staff and students have been amazing, and I have a completely new appreciation for elementary school. We still have a long way to go this year with lots of learning and a bunch of fun sprinkled in. That being said, I am in need of help with two issues.

Emergency Medical Forms

I know many of you have tried to do these online and some have been successful and others have not gone through. I am very sorry that this system is sometimes not user friendly. I appreciate all of your efforts, but I need to get this crucial information about your child ASAP. There is a link on the Austinburg Elementary website to help you through this process. I can also send a paper version home to be filled out if the online version is not working or is not accessible. Either way, I am asking that we get this information back by October 20th. If I can help you in any way with this process please let me know.

Arrival and Dismissal

We need to adjust drop-off and pick-up for car riders. Arrival should be between 8:30AM and 8:45AM. We have so many people lined up at 830AM to drop off that we are getting cars backed up into Rt. 307. If a handful of students that are typically waiting at 830AM could come later, like 835AM it would be enough to help that traffic problem. Dismissal is a bigger change. We need to get dismissal time closer to 3:00PM. We have been letting car riders out at 2:45PM due to traffic backing up Rt. 307. Complaints have been made to the local safety forces so we have been trying our best to help this situation. At this point though students are missing out on instructional time so I am hoping our parents can come through once again and help us out. Please stop lining up for pick-up before 2:45PM. We will be letting car riders out at 2:55PM starting 10-16-23. I have timed us at dismissal and everybody works together so that we can pretty much empty the parking lot in ten minutes. Please pick up your child by 3:10PM so that our preschool parents can pick up their children between 3:10PM and 3:15PM. If parents arrive before 2:45PM feel free to park in a spot and then get in line at 2:45PM. If anyone has special needs or circumstances please let me know and I will do my best to accommodate you. Once again I sincerely appreciate all of your efforts, and with your help we can continue to look out for our students’ educational and safety needs.

Mr. Markijohn

Austinburg Elementary School

440.466.4831 ext. 6001