• Jan Brett
    Fantastic home page of Jan Brett, children's book author and illustrator. Lots of postcards, activities, coloring pages, videos, and more.

  • Marc Brown
    Developed with the help and advice of Arthur creator Marc Brown, the ARTHUR site is organized into pages hosted by the series' characters, each with features that encourage kids to read and write.

  • Tomie dePaola
    This is a web site "devoted" to Tomie dePaola.

  • Dav Pilkey
    Award-winning childrens book author/illustrator Dav Pilkey offers his Web Site O-Fun as silly fun for kids of all ages. It includes interactive games, fun things to print and many other wonderfully goofy things.

  • Seussville
    Welcome to Seussville, brought to you by Random House, Inc. Lots of fun information and activities.