• Clip Art
    School and School-Related Clip Art



  • Browse through other classroom web sites for ideas.

  • Start collecting free graphics that you might like to use on your site. Save them in a specific folder on your computer.

  • Decide the purpose of your site.

  • Is it for communication with the parents of the children in your class?

  • Is it to post worksheets, links and research assignments?

  • Is it for staff to research, develop or share their own online resources?

  • Is it to showcase student work (on or offline)?

  • Is it to highlight student and staff achievements?

  • Plan the structure of the site carefully before you do anything.

  • Start designing your page using the HTML editor of choice.

  • Start small and add to your site as time goes on.

  • Remember web pages should be constantly growing and changing.


Every staff member has the option to create a Classroom, Special Subject, Information, etc. Web Page which would be included in their building web site.


Your Staff Web Page should contain educational-relevant information and it should be kept current. The purpose of a Staff Web Page is to inform the local community and school community about your curriculum, events, projects, and activities.

Please follow the guidelines listed below when creating your Staff Web Page.

  • Your Staff Web Page must not contain obscene comments, sexually explicit material, profanity, nor expressions of bigotry, racism, or hate. This also applies to any links listed on your Web Page.

  • Your Staff Web Page must not promote or encourage illegal or immoral actions. This also applies to any links listed on your Web Page.

  • Your Staff Web Page must not be used to obtain financial gain.

  • The text and documents on your Staff Web Page should be grammatically correct and spelled correctly.

  • Do not list any personal phone numbers, home addresses, or e-mail addresses. The staff member’s school e-mail address may be listed for questions or comments.

  • Staff members are not allowed to use any photographs of students on any Staff Web Site. Also, the names of students (first and/or last) may not be posted on any page of an elementary web site. First and last names may be used on high school pages.

  • Student-produced work (poems, stories, artwork, etc.) may be published on Staff Web Pages. The name (first and/or last) of the student may not be posted on any elementary site. Publication of student work on a Staff Web Site does not constitute the student relinquishing the ownership of the work. Plagiarism is not permitted.

  • Staff members should follow copyright laws on the use of pictures, graphics, etc on their Staff Web Pages. Please read and follow the rules for the use of these graphics at each site.