February SOARing Eagles

SOARing Eagles is an incentive to recognize students and staff that go above and beyond. Chosen students and staff take a photo with Tuffy, receive a backsack, and get a phone call to his/her person of choice to share the good news. The SOARing Eagles will also be recognized at a Board Meeting.

Congrats to our SOARing Eagles for the month of February!

Austinburg - 2nd grade, Riley Cosper, chosen by Mrs. Hollis. "Riley is an excellent student and member of our community. She is always kind and helpful to her classmates and teachers, and she works hard to make our classroom a pleasant place. She is a determined, cooperative, and dependable young lady who always strives to be a PAX Leader and do her best. Along with fulfilling all of her school responsibilities, Riley also participates in outside activities such as Girl Scouts, karate, and gymnastics. She was even a participant in Geneva’s Winterfest Pageant. Keep soaring, Riley!"

Cork - 3rd grade, Sam Acord, chosen by Mrs. Jackam.  "Sam is a kind and thoughtful young man.  He is someone who always thinks before he says something.  Sam always has a kind word for his classmates and completes his work without any hesitation.  Sam is a student who knows what's expected of him and never needs someone looking over his shoulder.  He enjoys reading funny books and traveling to historical places."

GPS - 2nd grade, Molly Dryden, chosen by Mrs. Cochran.  "Molly is an exemplary SOARing Eagle because she always follows directions, listens, and makes good choices. She sets good examples for others by always completing tasks and always doing her homework. Molly is a leader through and through."

Middle School - 6th grade, Gabriella Williams, chosen by Miss Retallick. "Gabby is a role model to all students here at GMS. She cares deeply about her grades and her future. She has set many goals for herself this school year and so far she is crushing every single one of them! Gabby never hesitates to go above and beyond, whether peer tutoring or assisting teachers with any task. She isn’t afraid to ask for help when needed and is always prepared to learn every day she walks through the doors of GMS. Gabby is polite, generous, understanding, and a hard worker, all qualities of a good leader. Gabby cares deeply about her peers and she values their learning just as much as her own. Gabby is a student who if she sees something happening that doesn’t meet SOAR expectations, won't hesitate to say something. Gabby is a tremendous student, and I can’t think of anyone more deserving than her to receive this award!"

High School - 12th grade, Johnny Haeseler, chosen by Mr. Barbo.  "In a class full of outstanding students, GHS Senior Johnny Haeseler stands out.  Johnny is inquisitive and curious, and his questions drive wonderful conversations and discussions in class.  He puts in a tremendous amount of time and effort into being successful and has risen to the challenges presented by AP Biology through hard work and determination.  Johnny brings a tremendous amount of energy to class every day, and shows a genuine interest in the material we are covering.  He is a strong leader who is liked and respected by his teachers and peers."