March SOARing Eagles

SOARing Eagles is an incentive to recognize students and staff that go above and beyond. Chosen students and staff take a photo with Tuffy, receive a backsack, and get a phone call to his/her person of choice to share the good news. The SOARing Eagles will also be recognized at a Board Meeting.

Congrats to our SOARing Eagles for the month of March!

Austinburg - Mackenzie Brunson, 4th grade,  chosen by Mrs. Capo.  Mackenzie is a wonderful student.  I chose her because she is always putting forth effort and cares about her learning.  She is also helpful and kind to her classmates.  Mackenzie has a positive attitude and is a joy to work with!

Cork -  Ayden  Canter, 1st grade, chosen by Mrs. Schroeder.  Ayden has always worked hard to be a model student.  He gives 100% and wants to do his best.  Ayden is improving in all areas academically while easily making friends.  He is kind to his classmates and everyone he sees.  Ayden has proven he is a SOARing Eagle!

GPS - Brady Medrano, Kindergarten, chosen by Mrs. Sheppard.  Brady is an upstanding student.  He puts others' needs before himself.  He is kind and willing to help at all times.  Brady is the child that seeks out the child in need and he will go out of his way to make someone's day.

Middle School - Robert Hart, 8th grade, chosen by Mrs. Colucci.  Bobby is a kind person and a serious student.  He works hard to stay on top of assignments and always checks in when he has been absent to get caught up.  Whether working independently or in a group setting, Bobby stays on task and is very helpful and encouraging to his fellow students.  I look forward to seeing what he accomplishes in the future.

High School - Zachery Reed, 9th grade, chosen by Mr. Doce.  Zachery is a delight to have in the classroom.  He is always engaged in the lesson and enthusiastic about learning. Zachery has a quick wit and brings that energy with him to the classroom.  He loves school and enjoys his time in school.  He is very conscientious and respectful of his peers and staff.  Zachery is active in school, participating in both indoor and outdoor Track and Field.  He throws the shot put and loves to compete.  Zachery enjoys school and his time while in school.