April SOARing Eagles

SOARing Eagles is an incentive to recognize students and staff that go above and beyond. Chosen students and staff take a photo with Tuffy, receive a backsack, and get a phone call to his/her person of choice to share the good news. The SOARing Eagles will also be recognized at a Board Meeting.

Congrats to our SOARing Eagles for the month of April!

Austinburg - John Bernardo, 3rd grade, chosen by Mrs. Stowell.  "John takes piano lessons outside of school and used his talents during the Christmas program this year. He played the role of the piano player in Elfis' band and even added playing a song on the keyboard during the performance!  John is an active participant in class and leads by example, showing class expectations to other students around him."

Cork - Kaiden Wilson, 2nd grade, chosen by Ms. Wilber. "Kaiden is soaring in 2nd grade!  He was chosen for the great example he sets to students each and every day. He always follows directions and puts 110% into all he does.  Kaiden is kind, patient and helpful to his classmates.  He is the first to offer someone help if they need it.  I am very proud of Kaiden.  He is a great example of what a SOARing Eagle is at Cork Elementary."

GPS -  Mrs. Stowell, Music Teacher, chosen by Ms. Farina.  "Lisa has spent time afterschool with 5th grade students listening to them play their recorders to earn their colored belts for Recorder Karate.  She does this because she knows several students wait a little longer each day for their bus to arrive.  Mrs. Stowell also organized 3 PBIS movie viewings during the last 2 days of school before break and still took classes to make sure that she saw them knowing that the Friday after break is a day off school.  Mrs. Stowell also does numerous school concerts throughout the year.  She is a true professional and I enjoy having her each week at GPS."

Middle School - Alex Vlasov, 6th grade, chosen by Mrs. Mather.  "Alex is an exergetic student who gives 100% everyday in class.  He is kind and goes out of his way to make everyone happy.  His smile is infectious.  Alex sings from the heart, is a fantastic role model and encourages other students daily.  I am especially excited and look forward to watching Alex grow as a musician and leader over the next six years!"

High School -  Brian Allen, 9th grade, chosen by Mrs. Dragon.  "Brian is always here at school, is quiet and gets the job done.  He does not work to be noticed, but from a teacher's point of view, he is hard to miss.  Brian is the first to raise his hand to answer a question and is very rarely ever wrong.  We have been working to get ready for the Ohio State testing in Biology.  Brian has excelled in every practice we have done.  I want to give him a proper shout out for how proud I am for all his hard work this year."