October 2023 SOARing Eagles

SOARing Eagles - This is an incentive to recognize students and staff. Chosen students and/or staff get their picture taken with Tuffy, a backsack, a coin for the book vending machine (for applicable buildings), and a phone call to his/her person of choice to share the good news. The SOARing Eagles will also be recognized at a Board Meeting (Jan or May).

*Please check out our SOARing Eagles for the month of October!

Austinburg - 2nd grade, Dean Wendt, chosen by Mrs. Dillworth. Dean is an excellent student! He is kind, caring, and helpful. Dean strives to be a leader and do his very best each day. Dean is prepared for class and always organized. Dean is a Soaring Eagle who goes above and beyond each day to be a role model for others as well as being a great student!

Cork - 5th grade, Bayla Burse, chosen by Mrs. Kirk. Bayla is a true Soaring Eagle as shown through her daily interactions with adults and peers. Bayla wants to help others when she sees they are in need and she shows appreciation when others help her. She is not one to give up easily. She is not afraid to ask questions. Bayla is always ready to share a smile and to really listen when others are speaking. She has been caught many times SOARING- Standing up for others, being Organized and ready to learn, Always trying her best, and showing Respect by listening to others thoughts and opinions.

GPS - 3rd grade, Noah Figuero, chosen by Mrs. Cramb. Noah was chosen because he consistently demonstrates SOAR-like behavior in the classroom. He eagerly assumes responsibility with pride, follows directions, and demonstrates his passion for reading and writing on a daily basis. In addition, Noah finds meaning in every 3rd grade task he completes. He inspires his teacher daily and deserves to be recognized for his positive choices. Congratulations, Noah!

MS - 7th grade, Gia Palmisano, chosen by Mrs. Byrnes and Ms. Coss. Gia is a wonderful student, athlete, and person. While maintaining straight A's, she is on the 7th grade volleyball team, Geneva's travel soccer team, and she is an office aide. She puts full effort into everything she does and leads by example. Gia shines her positivity onto others. She is helpful, encouraging, respectful and always shows acceptance. Gia demonstrates what it means to be a Soaring Eagle each day.

HS - 11th grade, Annabelle Bragg, chosen by Mrs. Buchanan and others. Annabelle is a very hardworking student. She is always positive and volunteers for everything. She is willing to go out of her comfort zone and do tasks that no one else wants to complete.