SOARing Eagles

This is an incentive to recognize students and staff. Chosen students and/or staff get their picture taken with Tuffy, a backsack, a coin for the book vending machine (for applicable buildings), and a phone call to his/her person of choice to share the good news. The SOARing Eagles will also be recognized at a Board Meeting (Jan or May).

*Please check out our SOARing Eagles for the month of February!

Austinburg - Kindergartener, Olivia Chadwick, chosen by Mrs. Howard.  Olivia was chosen because she is exceptionally compassionate, polite and respectful, as well as a hard worker.  She always remembers to say, “Good morning”, “Please” and “Thank you” and empathizes with and helps her classmates.  When a peer is sad or hurt, Olivia is eager to help by offering comfort or a solution to a problem.  Olivia loves to help guide her friends, for example, with sounding out words.  She is a motivated student who has shown very impressive growth in all areas of kindergarten.  Way to go, Olivia!  

Cork - 5th grade, Audreeonna Shannon, chosen by Mrs. Limpert.  Audree was chosen as the SOARing Eagle because she demonstrates our January character trait of Perseverance.  Even though reading is hard for her, she puts in the effort and has made great gains on her reading diagnostic.  Audree is always on the lookout for anyone who appears to need help, when they need a friend, or someone who is in need of help.  She stands up for any student she sees that is not being treated kindly by others. Audree truly Soars at Cork Elementary!

GPS - 5th grade, Brandon Sisler, chosen by Mrs. Burgard.  Brandon is a quiet boy who naturally falls into the category of helper.  I can look over at him during a lesson and he is helping his neighbor read a passage or find the information that we just underlined.  If a student says they don't understand something and I am working with someone else, Brandon is often the first person who states they will help.  There are many times that Brandon is seen embodying the idea of doing the right thing, when nobody is watching, and this is why he is being recognized as a SOARing Eagle.

MS - 7th grade, ”Jay” Vicens Cruz, chosen by Mrs. Haeseler. “Jay” is an exceptional student, classmate, and friend.  I love having Jay in my class.  She is kind, hardworking and overall just a role model for the characteristics we want here at Geneva Middle School. 

HS - 12th grade, Gwendolyn Kiehl, chosen by Mr. Clemens.  Gwen is a Senior at GHS and is in the CBI Program.  She demonstrates many qualities of an outstanding student, employee, classmate, and community member.  Gwen currently works two jobs in Geneva and attends school.  Gwen is a very conscientious student who always works hard and completes assignments on time.  She is kind to classmates and co-workers at the workplace.  Gwen is very much appreciated by her employers and the customers that she deals with at her places of work.  Gwen is quick to help a classmate or co-worker and often adapts to complete tasks whether that is at school or in the workplace.  She is respectful and treats others well.  Gwen is also very responsible and communicates and notifies her teacher and employers of any changes in schedule or if an absence may occur.  All of this is very much appreciated and makes a difference.