Please see the updated guidance we will now be following. This is the outcome of what ODH recently put out as well as conversations with our local Ashtabula County Health Department. We will be following the UPDATED Mask to Stay/Test to Play guidance with two additional bullet points.  

*If someone is Covid POSITIVE AND asymptomatic, they isolate for 5 days at home and so long as they remain asymptomatic, on the 6th day, they can return to daily activity but are instructed to follow strict masking around anyone else for 5 additional days.   

*If someone is Covid POSITIVE WITH symptoms, they isolate for 5 whole days at home, on the 6th day, if all symptoms are improving AND no fever for 24 straight hours prior without the help of medications, THEN return to daily activity WITH 5 more days of strict mask wearing; severely ill individuals should isolate for 10 days and consult with their doctor before ending isolation.