January SOARing Eagles

SOARing Eagles is an incentive to recognize students and staff that go above and beyond. Chosen students and staff take a photo with Tuffy, receive a backsack, and get a phone call to his/her person of choice to share the good news. The SOARing Eagles will also be recognized at a Board Meeting.

Congrats to our SOARing Eagles for the month of January!

Austinburg: Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Howard, chosen by Mrs. Nappi. "Mrs. Howard is often the first school experience for a family and/or child. She is always positive and encouraging with her students. She works very hard to see the whole child and addresses social and emotional concerns as well as the academics. Mrs. Howard is an effective communicator with families - using multiple outlets to reach all the families. She tries to make them feel very much a part of their child's school experience. Her genuine love of her career is obvious in every conversation. My third graders often talk about their memories of kindergarten fondly and so do their parents. If I'm lucky - I hear her singing beautifully at the xerox machine before my day starts."

Cork: 4th grade, Kielyn Cobb, chosen by Mrs. Scarniench."Kielyn is an upbeat and inquisitive student. She is an avid reader and puts forth effort towards her school work. You can always see Kielyn with a smile and she radiates kindness among her peers. Her positive energy makes her a SOARing Eagle."

GPS: 3rd grade, Flynn Cash, chosen by Mrs. Carraher. "Flynn is a true PAX leader and is always respectful to his teachers and peers. He is kind to his classmates and always participates in class. Flynn is a role model for his peers and uses PAX hands to remind others to be quiet. He earned honor roll for the first grading period and currently has all A's this nine weeks. He works very hard and always puts forth effort on his work. Flynn is a true SOARing Eagle."

Middle School: 7th grade, Jayden Cintron, chosen by Miss Coss. "He is a kind and well-mannered student. He has improved and continues to improve his behavior, academics, and work ethic. Jayden is positive and thoughtful; he often remembers specific things about people to show he cares about them. He is always willing to help in the classroom by running errands, picking things up, changing the date, passing papers out, etc. Jayden is the definition of a SOARing Eagle and I am very proud of all he has accomplished this school year."

High School: 9th grade, Brooklyn Phillips, chosen by Ms. Kretz. "Brooklyn is a great example of bringing a positive attitude and enthusiasm into the classroom. Brooklyn always comes to class prepared, earns solid grades, and goes out of her way to help others. She has a strong work ethic and determination to succeed. Great job, Brooklyn, and thank you for your leadership in our class!"