The older part of the old Austinburg Elementary building was constructed as a high school and dedicated in 1938. Previous to that, the area high school students attended Grand River Institute, which is still across the street from Austinburg Elementary.

In l955, the primary wing was added to the school, and students in grades K-12 attended under one roof. When Austinburg consolidated with Geneva Schools in 1961, the school became known as Austinburg Elementary, housing students in grades K- 6 only. In 2010 the 6th grade was moved to the new Middle School. In 1998, an elevator was constructed in our building to meet state guidelines for handicapped accessibility.

In August of 2012, the staff and students of Austinburg moved into a new Austinburg Building which had been constructed behind the former building.

Austinburg currently has approximately 340 students, including twelve to fourteen students in our handicapped preschool program.


Austinburg Elementary School’s mission is to foster academic excellence in a safe and caring learning environment, through a partnership of family, staff, and community.


The Academic goal for Austinburg is that 100% of the students will demonstrate literary growth.

A Leadership Team, comprised of representatives from parents, teachers, and classified staff, was formed to review school policies and procedures. The goal of this team is to look at data from many sources to make improvements to benefit all students. One of the ways we plan to do this is through satisfaction surveys to all parties involved in educating the students at Austinburg Elementary. In the future months, students, parents, and staff will be asked to take part in this process.