Mrs. Dillworth

Girl Reading

Welcome to Second Grade!

Supplies You'll Need

Your child will need at least the pencils and crayons for the first day of school.

One large pink eraser
1 bottle 4 oz. white glue of any kind (not paste) and 3 glue sticks
Box/ Zipper Pouch to hold pencils, crayons, scissors, and small glue(no lock boxes)
Three boxes of number #2 pencils with erasers
Pointed scissors
2 boxes of Crayons - 24 colors
No ballpoint pens/No pencil sharpeners
2 boxes of facial tissues to share with the class
Tennis shoes to leave at school for gym
Head Phones in a Ziploc bag with name on the bag
1 spiral notebook for library
12-inch Non-flexible Ruler with centimeters and inches (no metal rulers please)
Girls - one box of sanitizing wipes and one box of quart Ziploc bagsBoys - One roll of paper towels and one box of gallon Ziplock bags
One (3-ring) 1/2 inch white only binder with inside pockets and clear outside pockets
One folder with 3-holes for putting in the binder (plastic works best)1 plastic pocket folder for science

*The cubbies are about 9 inches wide. Your child's book bag must fit inside.

*Please have the following extra supplies at home for homework:

Crayons Pencils Ruler