House in Front of GHS

Saplings will be removed from the planting areas of the house located on South Ridge East (directly in front of Geneva House School).  The removal of the saplings / shrubs are necessary due to some potential damage to the foundation and house.  The Geneva Board of Education approved the maintenance department to advertise and sell any of the items to interested community members.

If you are interested, please follow the directions for the bidding process (auction) listed below:


*The maintenance department estimates that there are potentially ten (10) red bud saplings in the front area.  A firm number is difficult to establish since some are clustered and below the planting area.  

*All bids are final and the highest bidder will be contacted on Tuesday, March 23rd.

*The maintenance department will do its best to preserve all of the removed items.  There is no guarantee that the saplings will survived being transplanted. 

Bidding procedures: 

Bids will be accepted from Friday, March 12, 2021 through Monday, March 22, 2021 (at 2 pm)

(1) Send an email to Mr. Kujala at by 2/22/21 with a 2:00 pm deadline.  

(2) Add Sapling Bid in the subject line.

(3) List the number of saplings you would like (up to 10) and the bid price for each sapling.  Examples:  10 saplings at $10 each = $100,  5 saplings at $15 each =$75

(4) If there are multiple bids for varying numbers of saplings, the per sapling bid will be used to determine the top bidder for the number of saplings requested.  

(5) Please provide a phone number in your email request so you can be contacted.  

If you have questions please email: Mr. Kujala at or call (440) 466-4831.